Royal Vegas Casino Review


Royal Vegas is no longer accepting Australian players we recommend Rich Casino Instead.


This is one of our most recommended casinos, they also offer Australian dollar wagering and fast payouts to all of Australia.

The Royal Vegas Casino community allows you to quickly become a new member with plenty of incentives that will allow you to begin playing your favorite slots games within minutes of signing up.

Royal Vegas Casino offers up to a 1200 deposit bonus for newly-registered members on the site. The first deposit for all new members of Royal Vegas Casino will be matched up to 250. The second deposit will match 25% of your deposit up to 200, meaning you are required to deposit 800 in order to receive the full benefits of this bonus offer. Finally, the third deposit from all new members of the Royal Vegas Casino will be matched up to 50% to receive an additional 750 credits when you deposit 1500 into your account. Another perk of joining the Royal Vegas Casino is the ability to receive your bonuses all within just an hour of making your initial deposits, giving you an additional 1200 to spend while playing any of your favorite casino games.

Casino Games

Online table games including poker, baccarat, blackjack, craps and roulette are all available with Royal Vegas Casino. Additionally, a library of slot machine games are also available for free plays and also for progressive jackpot opportunities. Slot games from Royal Vegas Casino include traditional reel slots along with video slots, fruit slots and MegaSpin slot machines for the chance to win even more when placing your bets.

There are new slot machine games added to the casino each month for variety and new ways to win while playing your favorite types of games. Slot machines regularly change to feature movies, music and other themes that are currently relevant in pop culture. The Royal Vegas Casino also offers tournaments that are available for most of the casino games that are live on the site, including progressive slots games.

Additional Promotions

Additional promotions available from the Royal Casino Vegas includes the International Slots League for all members whose favorite games include slot machines and slots tournaments. The International Slots League allows members to play against one another for real cash prizes, often raising as high as 10,000 every week There are also tournaments for those interested in joining the International Slots League that give players the chance to win nearly 40,000 on a weekly basis depending on the tournament that is entered and the type of virtual slot machine games you prefer playing on yourself.